05 June 2021

Session Type

70km to 100km Cycling fast group ride

Event Details

The purpose of this session is to build race endurance and speed; the group stays will ride a designated route with a halfway pitstop to regroup.

This ride will hold a 30km/hr++ average so will be riders of good experience and strength (13yrs to 18yr olds 70km only), 100km group ride will stay together by regrouping at half way point, if you feel strong take the front when you want to rest sit in the pack. Anyone joining the 100km ride needs to understand this is a tempo/fast paced ride and on the mid 70km segment we need to push the junior group, so please join half way if you have doubts. A joining fee needs to be paid for guests to join this ride, this is not a coaching fee but is gratefully received to support development of the Perak Triathlon Association and Perak Athletes.

Date: June 05, 2021

Start time: 08:15 UTC+08

End time: 11:15 UTC+08


Road or TT bike
Flashing Red Backlight


2 to 3 hours


70km to 100km


8:15am Start at Tambun MacDonald’s (Sunway City) 2nd start 9am Mem corner


30 in stock

30 in stock