05 June 2021

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Early Morning LSD Run

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This run is all about time on your feet running at an easy pace to build strength and endurance.

This run will have many benefits building strength, endurance and training the body to metabolize fat. Do this run before breakfast at a very slow pace and low heart rate (Zone 1-2). This run is about duration only and not speed nor distance, so please run slow and comfortable. A joining fee needs to be paid for guests to join this run, this is not a coaching fee but is gratefully received to support development of the Perak Triathlon Association and Perak Athletes.

Date: June 05, 2021

Start time: 06:30 UTC+08

End time: 07:30 UTC+08


Run attire


1 hour




Upper east Condo’s (nr polo ground)


30 in stock

30 in stock